The Battle Is On — Play Rock Paper Scissors via Bluetooth

Download from Google Play

Update: V2.0 Major improvements:
-Now support Android Froyo (Version 2.2). Play with more friends!
–More secure Bluetooth connection.
-Fixed a bug in BT device list. Even easier to connect.
Note: Due to the change in V2.0, V1.x must upgrade to play with V2.0. V1.x can still play with each other if user choose not to upgrade.
-Play the classic rock paper scissors game via Bluetooth!
-Player’s name shows up in Bluetooth list so it is easy to connect.
-Reward your self or punish your opponent with hilarious sound effects.
-Beautiful space theme with robot hand showing the gestures.
-Shake it to randomly select a gesture.

Change log:
-Added single player mode.
-Initial release.

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