A simple android test automation

A project I am working on requires testers to input some 2750 integers and their +0.1 value into the search box on an Android devices, and compare result from server to records in a XML file. Good thing is that the numbers are consecutive. Good candidate for automation. Note that it does not require any code access.

Combining codes in my earlier posts here and here, I was able to fully automate the process, only need to pause to compare the result.

The pros of this method: work straight out on the shell, don’t need source code, don’t need re-sign apk (as Robotium does).
The cons: For different screen resolution and Android version, you will need different code. Robotium wins here.

What’s next:
1) xml parsing! I already created sample code to use InstrumentationTestCase2 to do Android unit test, and compare the parsed xml result with “mock” server result. This will require source code in order to build the unit test to it. I don’t feel like reverse engineering the product so I will probably stop here. I already know how to do the unit test with the “mock” server result.


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